Commercial Lending 101 NJ

Instructors: Doug Vairo, Eric Busuttil, Tracie Bonilla, Rob Tuzzo

Duration: 4 Hours

Credits: 3.75

Certification: Emailed Upon Completion

State: New York

Course ID: LDE – M15444

Price: $20

This course is currently closed

Course Overview

This course is desinged to teach Real Estate Professional, and Loan Officer’s the basics of Commercial Lending, how to calculate cash flow (DSCR), how to perform due dilligence on a property and how to calculate Cap Rate and how a property will perform based on cash flow 1)    An overview on Commercial Real Estate Loans 2)    A discussion on the properties and entities that qualify for commercial loans 3)    Details on how to perform calculations to qualify a CRE loan

Course Instructor

Eric Busittil

Vice President of Business Development at Cross Country Mortgage.

Eric Busuttil is currently the Vice President of Business Development at Cross Country Mortgage. Eric is a St John’s University graduate and has over 15 years of experience in the mortgage industry and has excelled in managing the day to day functions of expansion and the many facets of business development. These functions include but are not limited to managing and growing relationships with Real Estate Brokers, Agents, Real Estate Attorneys, Accountants, Financial Planners and other Mortgage Professionals. Eric holds a mortgage originator License in NY, NJ, PA, MA, and CA.  Eric also spends his time teaching several New York State approved continuing education classes for Realtors. Eric doesn’t just love the interaction with other industry professionals but feels the best way to give back is to help others advance in their careers by sharing the knowledge and experience he has accumulated throughout his career.

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