NJSORE: What Caused The Mortgage Collapse of 2008

Instructor: Doug Vairo

Duration: 3 Hours

Credits: 3

Certification: Emailed Upon Completion

State: New Jersey

Course ID: LDE #12917

Price: $29

Course Overview

This course will teach the students many of the things that helped cause the crash as well as some of the things that were done to save the financial markets. Students will journey through the late 80’s when interest rates soared to 18 ½% when banks were deregulated, past the creation of sub-prime loans with their No Income Check and Pick a Pay Loans and finishing with the Wall Street / Bank bailout

Course Instructor

Doug Vairo

Director, NYSORE

Doug Vairo is the Director of New York School of Real Estate. Since 1998 Doug Vairo, has trained thousands of loan officers and real estate agents around the country. Doug has trained for companies such as, Countrywide, Capital One, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, Exit Realty, Brooklyn Real Property, Staten Island Board of Realtors, Bronx Board of Realtors, Brooklyn Board of Realtors and countless other organizations. Fast forward 20 years to the New York School of Real Estate. The training school was opened as a result of the many positive testimonials received over the years. Doug has been called an ‘Entertrainer” by many students. He weaves fun and learning into a great experience. Doug has authored “Credit Smart”, sold on Amazon as well as a full blown “Loan Officer Training Boot Camp”.